April the Female fluffy French Bulldog

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Name April
Breed French Bulldog
Sex Female
Color brown
Status Available


Buy Female fluffy French Bulldog Puppy

Buy Female fluffy French bulldog puppy – There are relatively few cushioned French Bulldog raisers likely because of the numerous entanglements while reproducing and furthermore in light of the fact that fortunately most states presently have specific models that should be met to raise and sell these little Frenchie’s. The most extraordinary shades of French Bulldogs are blue, lilac, blue and tan, and chocolate and tan. Add that soft covers. A soft is maybe the most extraordinary of all. In our current reality where a standard French Bulldog costs a few thousand bucks, these uncommon varieties can sell for several thousands.

I feel really awkward contribution a rundown of safe reproducers for this variety yet you will need to ensure the raiser meets the entirety of the accompanying circumstances.

1. DNA is significant on this one. You will need to ensure that DNA test from a canine office is accessible alongside DNA profiling. This permits you to ensure you are getting a genuine Merle French Bulldog.
2. Ensure that all necessary preventive measures and vaccinations have been given. Counting medicines for ticks, worms, and insects. You will likewise need this recorded as a hard copy alongside the immunization history for your prospective little guy
3. Get a full veterinary assessment and solicitation a wellbeing ensure. The best time period is a year.

I would advise you to ensure that your raiser has documented administrative work with the AKC anyway the Merle tone isn’t perceived by the AKC. I found clashing data on this record and a few destinations state they have documented with the AKC and I have tracked down different locales that express the best way to document with the AKC is to lie about the variety mixes. There are a few shades of French Bulldogs that the AKC boycotted thus it is best for you to do some extra examination before you buy any sort of French Bulldog.


Our 10 weeks old feathery French bulldog Little dog awesome quality variety, short, enormous paws and stocky. Completely inoculated, extremely solid, Benevolently contact for more data and how to make her a player in your loved ones.

French Bulldogs are incredible guard dogs who adjust well to everyday life or single. They wouldn’t fret being inside more often than not. They coexist well with felines and different pets and they like to befriend your visitors and family who come around. No big surprise this a most loved canine for city life from Europe to the US and then some.

French Bulldog resembles a functioning, smart, solid canine of weighty bone, smooth coat, minimalistically assembled, and of medium or little design. The French Bulldog is a little variety of homegrown canine. They were the outcome during the 1800s of a cross between bulldog progenitors imported from Britain and nearby ratters in Paris, France.

In 2015, they were the fourth most famous enlisted canine in the Unified Realm and in the U.S. the 6th most well known AKC enrolled canine variety. They were appraised the third most well known canine in Australia in 2017.


Doggy Bag: Starter potty pads, First outfit, Blanket, Favorite toy, and a baggy of the current puppy food.

Fecal check for ANY intestinal infections by our Vet

Current on Shots & De-wormings. Dewormings by our Vet + by us every 2 weeks since birth (Records Included)

Current Certificate of Veterinarian Inspection

Current Puppy Check-Up Form.

First bortella (kennel cough) vaccine

Complete Vet Check

Certified Health Certificate

One Year WRITTEN Health Warranty

Registerable: AKC /APRI / ACA / CPR / CKC / NKC full registration.

important information for future pet owners

French Bulldogs are being address to be obstinate, so make sure to be patient with regards to preparing . Be that as it may, they truly do jump at the chance to mollify their proprietor and they certainly love treats.

You might experience passionate feelings for from the outset with your new pet. However, it will require investment for you both to acclimate to your coexistence. Creatures are delicate to change and may seem terrified when you initially bring them home. You might try and feel a little restless yourself.

The most effective way to help you both subside into your new life is to shape a strong everyday daily practice. Keep feedings simultaneously consistently. Take your canine out for several strolls around the new neighborhood to permit him/her an opportunity to investigate and oust energy. Attempt to remain positive and patient as your pet learns their new environmental factors.

Where to buy:

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  1. Antonia Valpredo

    Love love love! Best breed

  2. Bev Spigel

    I have had a French Bulldog before I love them so much they are such great dogs

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