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Name Max and Britney
Breed French Bulldog
Sex Male and Female
Age 11 Weeks
Color Cream White
Status Available

Buy Max Male French Bulldog Puppy

Buy Max Male French Bulldog Puppy – Looking for a new furry friend? Check out our Max, a French Bulldog Puppy for sale! He is a bundle of energy and loves to play. Max is also very friendly and loves people. He would make a great addition to any family.

Max is a 12 weeks old male Frenchie bulldog puppy looking for her forever home. he comes from an amazing pedigree and bloodline. Has all his shots and free from any infections. Kindly contact for modalities.

What is an AKC registered French Bulldog?

An AKC registered French Bulldog is a breed of dog that is known for its playful and affectionate personality, as well as its unique appearance. These dogs are bred to be companion animals, and they make great pets for families with children. French Bulldogs are typically healthy dogs, but they can be prone to health problems such as allergies, breathing problems, and joint problems.

Why should you buy Max Male French Bulldog puppy?

There are many reasons why you should buy Max Male French Bulldog puppy. Max is friendly, playful, and make great pet. He is also easy to train and is great with children. Plus, Max is a very low-maintenance breed and don’t require a lot of exercise.

What are the benefits of owning a French Bulldog?

There are many benefits to owning a French Bulldog. They are a very active breed and love to play, so they are a great choice for people who are looking for a companion that will keep them active. French Bulldogs are also very intelligent and easy to train, so they are a good choice for people who are looking for a dog that is easy to take care of. They are also a very friendly breed and get along well with people and other animals.

Where can you find Max Male French Bulldog puppy for sale?

There is only place where you can find Max Male French Bulldog puppy for sale. You can search online classifieds websites such as Craigslist, or you can search online directories of French Bulldog breeders. You can also check with your local veterinarian or pet stores to see if they have any puppies for sale.

If you are looking for a fun-loving and friendly pup, be sure to check out Max, our French Bulldog Puppy for sale. He would make a great addition to any family.


Doggy Bag: Starter potty pads, First outfit, Blanket, Favorite toy, and a baggy of the current puppy food.

Fecal check for ANY intestinal infections by our Vet

Current on Shots & De-wormings. Dewormings by our Vet + by us every 2 weeks since birth (Records Included)

Current Certificate of Veterinarian Inspection

Current Puppy Check-Up Form.

First bortella (kennel cough) vaccine

Complete Vet Check

Certified Health Certificate

One Year WRITTEN Health Warranty

Registerable: AKC /APRI / ACA / CPR / CKC / NKC full registration.

Where to buy:

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